Crystal Readings – Free Offering (Limited)

The writing prompt for today encouraged us to offer up something for free.  I will do so gladly, as I believe in the power and place of sacred gift-giving.

For a short time only, I will be offering a free reading – for the first 9 people.  Why 9? Because 9 is the sacred number.  You will have to bear with me regarding timing of the report – I aim to get these sent within 7 days but if I get 9 requests at once – please be patient.  I will let you know when you book what the timescale will be.

Please fill out your details on the Crystal Readings page (you don’t need to click on the Paypal link).  This should send me your request!  This is a new system, so comment below if I you don’t hear anything from me to say I’ve received this within the first 24 hours of sending to form to me.  How to’s are on the page.

Update 01:42 12/9 – spaces full – thank you for incredible response!


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