Everyday Special

I like to use the special stuff.  I feel it makes the art more precious.  I am a self-confessed lover of the luxurious (and consequently always just squeaking my way past the right side of broke)!

I used to have this hang-up over using beautiful things. This hang-up still rears its ugly head once in a while – because I’ve spent a lot of money on something and I’m afraid I won’t be able to replace said thing once its ‘used up’.  So, my best things have been known to lurk, carefully wrapped, in the back of a cupboard.

But one thing I have learned during my 40-something years here…is that life is too short not to break out the special stuff.  It’s my thing.  I will knit with beaded silks and angora and yaks wool…I will bead with full-on Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones and precious metals….and in my art projects I am painting with professional grade paints.

(Of course, I recognise my privilege –  I am incredibly grateful that I have the choices I have to make and the resources available to me).

Someone dear to me used to collect candles but wouldn’t burn them because they were ‘too beautiful’ and she didn’t want to spoil them. Eventually she found out they were even more beautiful burning – as they were meant to be used.

I know it’s so hard to use up the good stuff – but if it just sits there and doesn’t see the light of day, it’s a sad thing.

If we break out the best – and we allow those things to have the meaning they were made for – then the ‘ordinary’ becomes more magickal and those things fulfill their purpose.

This is why I will think nothing of wearing evening bling to the office.

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