Layla Saad: The Wild Mystic Woman

Layla Q of H Necklace

“…this necklace isn’t just any piece of jewellery.

It was intentionally crafted by my sister Rachel aka The Beadweaving Queen…

When Rachel was crafting this particular piece, she did not know it was for me. But she had the Goddess Isis in mind during the many hours it took to complete it. So when she discovered that I was looking for a piece of sacred jewellery, she knew this piece was for me as she knows my deep connection with Mother Isis.

When I opened the necklace box, I gasped at how gorgeous this piece is. It took my breath way. It is even more sacred in person. Last night I discovered that the necklace has tiny crystals of ruby in zoiste threaded in to it. It turns out ruby in zoiste is a great tool for enhancing psychic abilities and communicating with our guides. It also turns out that ruby in zoiste is sourced in Tanzania, which is where my mother is from and where I lived for a short while when I was a little girl. The divine synchronicities are incredible!”